Training and Development

Training and Development

Training and development

Ampath is a training focused organisation that believes in a culture of continuous learning. Therefore we encourage our employees to improve their skills and competencies. Extensive training opportunities are offered to staff at all levels to help with their professional development.

Skills training

Our skills training department focuses on 4 main-stream learning and development pillars.

  1. Customised Team Experience

    Workshops where managers can customise the team driven learning experience.

  2. Self Development

    Personal Accountability, Building Personal Resilience, Embracing Diversity, Assertiveness, and Crucial Conversations.

  3. FISH!

    Leading FISH! introduces managers to the philosophy from a leadership perspective.

    Netting FISH! where managers can share ideas and success stories around the FISH! Philosophy implementation.

  4. Operational Skills

    First Aid, On-Boarding, Management Training (HCM and AHMP), Business Administration Certificate, Disciplinary Skills Workshops, and English Literacy.